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Music 829D: Music and Emotion

Course Description

Course Description:

An examination of modern ideas related to music and emotion.

This course will provide a comprehensive survey of general theories of emotion, review experimental literatures relating sound and emotion, and discuss a broad spectrum of theoretical ideas concerning music and emotional life. The course will address emotions from physiological, evolutionary, cognitive, historical and cultural perspectives.


The course objectives are pursued through weekly readings, seminar discussions, student presentations and a final essay or project.


The course has no formal pre-requisites. Graduate standing is required.

Meeting Times:

This course is scheduled for the Spring Quarter of 2001. Classes meet from 4:00-5:18 PM on Tuesdays and Fridays. The first class will be held on Tuesday March 27. Classes are held on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus, Ohio in Seminar Room 066, Music & Dance Library, Sullivant Hall.

Registration Number:

The registration call number for the Spring 2001 offering of this course is 13290-2.


The course content is built around the following core readings:

Randolph Cornelius. The Science of Emotions. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall. 1996 (231 pages) ISBN: 0-13-300153-9. [This book provides an excellent comprehensive review of research related to the emotions.]

Leonard B. Meyer. Emotion and Meaning in Music. Chicago: Chicago University Press, 1956. ISBN: 0-226-52139-7. [A classic work in music theory emphasizing a cognitive approach to evoked emotions.]

Supplementary reserve readings will be made available through the Music/Dance Library. Refer to the course bibliography for further readings.


The workload for Music 829D entails three hours of seminar participation each week, plus approximately six hours of reading (roughly 60 pages) per week. An estimated four hours of preparation time will be needed for a class presentation. A final essay is also required.

Method of Evaluation:

The final course grade will be based on the following:

Class participation20%
Class presentation30%
Final essay or project50%


Dr. David Huron
Mershon Auditorium, Room 502
Telephone: 688-4753 (Wk.)
E-mail: hüron.1@osü.edü [Please ignore the umlauts; they are present to foil web crawlers.]

Meeting with the Instructor:

Students are encouraged to arrange to discuss any aspect of their course work. No appointments are necessary, however meeting times can be assured by telephoning Prof. Huron to make an appointment. If you are unable to reach the instructor by telephone, remember to leave a message giving your name and telephone number.

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