MusicCog/2001 - A Workshop Symposium in Music Cognition

The Ohio State University
May 18-20, 2001

Music cognition approaches the study of music as a product of human minds/brains. The field involves music theorists, systematic musicologists, psychologists, cognitive scientists, and philosophers interested in comprehending human music-making and musicality.

The MusicCog/2001 workshop differs from a traditional conference in two important respects. First, many of the presentations are general or review in nature -- so that the workshop is an excellent opportunity to gain an overview of the state of the art in music cognition. Second, the workshop emphasizes open panel discussions where participants debate and discuss the issues of the day. In short, MusicCog/2001 offers a unique opportunity to learn about this rapidly developing field and to engage scholars in spirited discussion.

Admission to all events is free; there is no registration fee for the workshop. Students are especially welcome.

MusicCog/2001 will run from Friday, May 18 to Sunday, May 20, 2001. The workshop venues are the Center for Cognitive Science and the School of Music on the campus of the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.


This year, the MusicCog/2001 guest speakers include Jamshed Bharucha (Psychology Department, Dartmouth College), Emmanuel Bigand (University of Bourgogne, France), Eugenia Costa-Giomi (Music Faculty, McGill University), and William Thompson (Psychology Department, York University). As part of MusicCog/2001, the distinguished POLAND LECTURE will be given this year by Elizabeth West Marvin (Eastman School of Music).


The principal sponsor for MusicCog/2001 is the Ohio State University Center for Cognitive Science, with addition funding provided by the OSU Department of Psychology and the OSU School of Music.


The Symposium-Workshop includes 15 lectures and 4 panel discussions. Click here for a complete workshop schedule.


The following hotels and motels are located in the vicinity of the OSU campus:

Super 8 (614-261-7141; ~$69.00/night; ~$49.00/night if you identify the "OSU School of Music Workshop")
Days Inn (614-261-0523; ~$59.00/night)
Cross Country Inn (614-291-2983; ~$49.99/night)
University Plaza Hotel (614-267-7461; ~$78.00/night)
University Plaza Hotel offers courtesy van to campus, subject to availability.
Red Roof Inn (614-267-9941; ~$69.99/night)
Red Roof Inn is near "Buckeye Village" student housing which provides free bus service to OSU.

The Holiday Inn is closest to OSU -- roughly a 12 minute walk to the workshop. The Cross Country Inn is roughly a 20-25 minute walk. Other hotels take approximately 45 minutes to walk. From these hotels, taxis to the workshop will cost roughly $5-$7.

An electronic bulletin board is available to help prospective attendees contact potential room-mates for the conference.

Car-pooling and other transportation sharing will be encouraged on an impromptu basis.


Port Columbus Airport is located within the City of Columbus boundaries. The cost of a taxi from the airport to the OSU campus is about $15.00. Some hotels provide shuttle service to/from the airport. Additional accommodation and ground travel information may be found by searching the Ohio State University Page.


Workshop events will be held on the campus of the Ohio State University, in Page Hall and Weigel Hall. A local map indicates the campus venues. A regional map shows the location of the Ohio State University campus with respect to the City of Columbus.


For further information about the workshop, contact Dr. David Huron at (614) 688-4753 or huron.1@osü.edü. [Please ignore the umlauts; they are present to foil web crawlers.]

Note: because no registration fees are being collected, workshop organizers are limited in the assistance they can provide prospective participants.