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Ohio State University
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Alan Fridlund

Notes by Eric Berg

Music 829
May 15, 2001

Fridlund, Alan J. (1994). Human Facial Expression: An Evolutionary View. San Diego: Academic Press.

"This book is about the nature of human facial expressions. It provides a scientific account of human faces that squares with modern evolutionary theory." (pg. xi)

1. Pre-Darwinian Views on Facial Expression.

2. Darwin's Anti-Darwinism in Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals.

3. Facial Expression and the Methods of Contemporary Evolutionary Research.

4. Mechanisms for the Evolution of Facial Expressions.

5. Facial Hardware: The Nerves and Muscles of the Face.

6. Facial Reflexes and the Ontogeny of Facial Displays.

7. Emotions versus Behavioral Ecology Views of Facial Expression: Theory and Concepts.

8. Emotions versus Behavioral Ecology Views of Facial Expression: The State of the Evidence.

9. Introduction: Cross-Cultural Studies of Facial Expressions of Emotion.

10. Is There Universal Recognition of Emotion from Facial Expression? A Review of the

11. How Do We Account for Both Universal and Regional Variations in Facial Expressions of Emotion?

12. Facial Paralanguage and Gesture.

13. Epilogue: The Study of Facial Displays ? Where Do We Go From Here?

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