Music 824: Computer Applications in Music Research
Ohio State University
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Humdrum Exercise #11

For this exercise you will need to know the following new commands:

UNIX Commands Humdrum Commands
cut assemble

Change directories to /var/opt/Humdrum/Scores and answer the following questions. For each question, keep a record of both the answer, and the command(s) used to find your answer.

  1. What melodic interval most commonly closes a phrase?
    COMMAND:   Answer
  2. Do most ascending minor seconds go from `ti' to `doh'?
    COMMAND:   Answer
  3. Do most descending minor seconds go from `fah' to `mi'?
    COMMAND:   Answer
  4. In many languages `C' is represented by `do'. In Gregorian chant, is there a tendency for the Latin syllable `do' (as in `domine') to coincide with the pitch `C'?
    COMMAND:   Answer
  5. The sample of Bach Chorale harmonizations includes a **harm spine which encodes harmonic information. How many IV chords have the tonic in the soprano?
    ANSWER:       Answer

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