Music 824: Computer Applications in Music Research
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Humdrum Exercise #8

For this exercise you will need to know the following new commands:

UNIX Commands Humdrum Commands
grep -n ditto
grep -v deg
more +

Change directories to /var/opt/Humdrum/Scores/ and answer the following questions. For each question, keep a record of both the answer, and the command(s) used to find your answer.

  1. Find the directory containing slow-tempo Haydn string quartets. Augmented sixth chords get their name from the characterized interval formed between the lowered sixth scale degree and the raised fourth scale degree. Which of the following movements contain augmented sixth chords? (Hint: use the deg command)
    COMMAND:   Answer
    ANSWER:       Answer
  2. In the second movement of Haydn's opus 50, no. 5, where (which measures) do augmented sixth chords occur?
    COMMAND:   Answer
    ANSWER:       Answer
  3. How would you look explicitly for French sixth chords? (Hint: Use more than one grep).
    COMMAND:   Answer
  4. How would you look explicitly for Italian sixth chords? (Hint: Use the -v option with grep).
    COMMAND:   Answer
  5. In scale-degree terms, what is the most common arrangement of a subdominant chord?
    COMMAND(S): Answer

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