Music 824: Computer Applications in Music Research
Ohio State University
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Humdrum Exercise #4 - Answers

All of the following commands assume that you are located in the appropriate score directory.

  1. Which Haydn string quartet has the "presto" marking for the third movement?
    cd /var/share/Humdrum/Music824/Scores/Haydn/fast
    grep 'Presto' *

    Answer: file "h76n6c" (i.e., Quartet Opus 76, No. 6, 3rd movement)
  2. Which Hungarian folksong has a meter signature of 5/8?
    cd /var/share/Humdrum/Music824/Scores/monody/essen/europa/magyar
    grep 'M5/8' *

    Answer: file "magyar10.krn"
  3. Which Hungarian folksong is entitled "Vater und Tochter"?
    grep 'Vater und Tochter' *

    Answer: file "magyar31.krn"
  4. In which Corelli sonata does the pitch `eee' occur?
    cd /var/share/Humdrum/Music824/Scores/Corelli
    grep 'eee' *

    Answer: file "op01n03c.krn" - i.e. Opus 1, No. 3, 3rd movement.
  5. Do all of the Corelli Opus 1 trio sonatas have the same instrumentation?
    cd /var/share/Humdrum/Music824/Scores/Corelli
    grep -h '!!!AIN' * | uniq

    The resulting output consists of a single line, indicating that all "AIN" records are identical -- hence the instrumentation is the same for each file.
    !!!AIN: archl cello organ violn

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